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Promising beginnings

The first two weeks of our Marine Reach Fiji Healthcare DTS 2016 have flown by. We have a multigenerational, multicultural group of 14 students living in the Yellow house. As staff our role is to facilitate their learning by encouraging and mentoring them. This means that we lead the students in intercession and worship, attend the hospital with them for patient visitation, teach the healthcare workshops, mentor on a weekly basis both ‘one-on-one’ and in small groups, and spend a lot of time in prayer for them! Here is a copy of the student weekly schedule (as staff we also have daily meetings and office responsibilities on top of this!)

We run a tight ship around here...
We run a tight ship around here…

On the first weekend we treated the students (and ourselves) to a day trip by bus. Known as one of the most beautiful beaches on the main island, Natadola lies in a bay and has beautiful clear (and warm!) ocean water. The water was so salty it was easy to lie on your back and just float, bobbing on the gentle waves. Alastair’s poor nose felt it the next day though ☺

Now why doesnt Lautoka look like this?
Now why doesnt Lautoka look like this?

Although out of our normal skillset, we’ve found the experience of staffing a school a delightful new challenge. Many issues are already being stirred up and chewed over, and not a day goes by without a new challenge or revelation. Most of the students are keen to question the speakers and as a result we’ve had some interesting discussions as people from different worldviews, backgrounds and denominations collide and experience God in a new way together.
In the meantime, here’s one of the daily reminders of how life here contrasts with the UK:

Fiji: where your insurance advisor is also your hairdresser
Fiji: where your insurance advisor is also your hairdresser

7 thoughts on “Promising beginnings”

  1. What an amazing beautiful beach!!! So glad for you that you had a wonderful time!! When I see the schedule I believe there is much work for you to do….wish you succes and God’s blessings!! Hartelijke groeten, liefs en dikke zoen voor allebei, xxx

    1. Dankjewel! Yes we have very full days but it’s so rewarding. We are also now starting to prepare for our next outreach in March. Looking forward to that! I hope you are well, lots of love, bless you en groetjes van Ali en Dani

  2. Busy programme indeed! Good that you had some time to relax on that beautiful beach. Thanks for the update and photos. Keep up the good work! Lots of love. Pep

  3. Sorry, pushed the button too soon …. so thrilled that you guys are enjoying your DTS staff roles so far. The photos are great. Having a cyclone thrown into the mix must be giving some extra challenges, we have been praying for you all. Bless you guys, I know it will continue to be an amazing school for everyone involved.

    1. Thanks Karen. Staffing is certainly a very different experience from being a student. The cyclone has definitely enforced the principle of being flexible! The students have really excelled and handled it well, not only cleaning up the yellow house but also helping with the staff properties and Vijay’s. Hope the Family Ministries is going well too.

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