Better Together

Looking back, I can see that the history of this blog has a few recognisable fingerprints on it. Dani will be the first to agree with me that we are not social media people (at times I’m not even a social person!). So when we first headed out to Fiji and decided to write a blog as part diary/part update for our family and friends, it was a touch uncharacteristic for us. At that stage we had no intentions whatsoever that we would still be doing missions work 4 years later and depending so heavily on God for provision. Yet I have a hard time imagining how we would have been able to handle the tough times had we not started this little project way back then.

As our journey progressed in ways we never foresaw, there was a significant number of people who took an interest and very generously invested their time, prayers and even finances into supporting us. We have had the luxury of being able to point them here so they can catch a snapshot of what we have been through, and we would have undoubtedly forgotten much if we had not written it down as we were experiencing it. All of which is a very long-winded way of saying that we suspect God’s hand was in the decision to start this blog, and that we appreciate hugely the way so many of you have responded to what we have shared over these years.

Our previous post had a rather heavy tone to it and, in response, we have been blessed with kind words, insight and wisdom. We have seen time and time again how God loves to use these opportunities to teach us to rely on our larger community, the church, and in doing so bring us closer together. So we are very pleased to report that we are seeing a real improvement in our circumstances since we last posted. It is very difficult to determine how many changes are happening around us and how many are within, but there is definitely progress on both fronts.

Practically, we have seen relationships improve and individually I feel there is more purpose in how I focus my efforts. There are still challenges, most obviously in the project Dani has been developing, but even there we can see God speaking directly into situations and bringing clarity in what needs to happen. We will be heading up the coast this weekend to join in a 2-week YWAM gathering in Townsville, where we will be presenting RescueNet to any willing listeners. But more importantly, we are looking forward to the opportunity to sit at God’s feet in worship and intercession, together with people from so many nations and cultures. On our return we have the privilege of house-sitting for friends for 3 weeks, so this will offer us a welcome change of scenery to help refresh our minds and hearts.

Personally, one of the biggest breakthroughs is the revelation of how the fear of man has been allowed to negatively affect our attitudes. It has been subtle and manipulative, but now that we are aware of how God wants us to view those around us, we are experiencing a newfound freedom that seems to grow by the day. The prospect of remaining here until our time is done seems much more optimistic than it did only recently. So once again, thank you.

6 thoughts on “Better Together”

  1. Thank you so much for your update. I’m delighted to hear that you are not social media people….neither am I
    So good to hear that God wants to “strech” your believe in Him. That you really may know that He is the only one who is really reliable, full of goodness and love and always faithful to you and to His promises He made in His Word to us! He will never leave you, nor forsake you!!!

    1. We definitely feel stretched at times! But it only reminds us that there is still so much we have to learn and grow. Thanks for your support.

  2. May God continue to bless all of you. He has given you situations he knew would make you grow and stretch you. You have not let him down but relied solely on the Lord. Amen

    1. Sometimes I think it takes us a little too long to getting round to His way of thinking. But we seem to be learning. Thanks for thinking of us.

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