Didgeridoo deja vu

G’day. Yup, after our quasi-furlough we are back in Australia.

It was undeniably refreshing to experience a healthy dose of the familiar over the past months. In addition to the encouragement and joy from precious time with family and friends, we were completely embraced by Community Church Edinburgh as well as Ballywillan Presbytarian Church in Portrush. What a difference it makes to know the backing and enjoy the fellowship of a community of faith-filled people. And so, apart from the remote work undertaken to uphold our RescueNet responsibilities, we were able to somewhat disconnect and reassess the mission we have lived this past year in Canberra. Simply put, our time in the UK did us good. We return to our work now with a renewed sense of God’s purposes and a better understanding of what we are called to in the season ahead. Continue reading Didgeridoo deja vu