Eternal students

The outreach took a different turn when we split into two smaller teams. Ali and I were leading a team of 6 students (3 American, 1 Canadian, 1 Fijian and 1 Bangladeshi between ages 20-29). Apart from having the responsibility as team leaders, this part of the outreach was also distinctly different as we spent the time amongst mainly people from Indian background. Almost 40% of the Fijian population are from Indian descent, originally brought to Fiji as indentured labourers under British rule. Despite being officially “Fijian” now, they still maintain their own cultural traditions, language, dress and even food.

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Back To School

After 3 months of teaching the students were developing itchy feet, keen to get out and practically apply their knowledge. This would be their opportunity to take what they had learnt about God, spreading the good news and healthcare to our outreach locations. And so we began by travelling to the other side of the island to visit a village called Nayaulevu, 15 kilometres inland from the main road.

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