It’s a different life

In early 2014 we decided that the time was right for us to put aside our paid jobs to give towards God’s work abroad. We felt a distinct calling here to Marine Reach Fiji and since arriving that belief has been fortified several times over:
– We have been welcomed into a family that has a heart for reaching out to the poorer and more remote Fijian communities
– Our skills and experience have been put to good use and complement those of the staff here
– And just as importantly, we have been taught and shown how to grow in our faith

Our plans to stay here for a year have been extended as we feel God still has roles for us to fulfil. We are currently helping to run the latest international outreach, there will be another Discipleship Training School to staff next year and there are several areas within the organisation where improvements and modernisation would be desirable. Therefore it is our intention to return here once again in 2016 to continue our work.

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