DTS = Doomed To Suva?

As we were hanging around waiting for our lift to appear we got a phone call: the ship had run into mechanical problems and was heading to Suva to be fixed. Particularly disappointed was Ella, who was from Suva and was hoping that DTS outreach would take her further away from her home town!

We loaded the truck and took the 5 hour journey to Fiji’s capital. In the port lay the Pacific Hope, a white, 50m long ship with the YWAM logo emblazed on her side.

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DTS = Desperate To Sail?

We are now officially ‘YWAM-ers’ :o) The Discipleship Training School has ended and we are settling back to life on the base. We had a fantastic graduation ceremony on Wednesday 12th August. What an adventure these last 5 months have been!

At the end of July the lecture phase ended and the outreach phase began. The requirements for outreach are 30 hours per week of ‘outward’ cross-cultural ministry (this includes serving, evangelism and working with local churches), as well as 15 hours per week of team ministry (such as prayer, worship and encouraging one another).

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