Return of the Redeye

Dear family and friends,

So we arrived back in Fiji two days ago. A ‘slight’ adjustment in temperature was in order but it feels good to be back.

We’ve had a blessed couple of months in the UK and were hugely lifted by the support and interest we’ve received for our work in Fiji. So we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who has given us encouragement – emotionally, spiritually and practically.

We’re hitting the ground running: the next international outreach starts tomorrow so apart from getting over jet lag and we’ve been lending a hand to the final preparations. Over the next fortnight we will be heading to two villages: one Fijian village in the interior which is surrounded by other small hill villages accessible only by horseback, and another Indo-Fijian village on the coast.

Due to frustrating ongoing registration issues for Marine Reach’s other dentist Rowena, Ali will be the only dentist during this outreach. We would particularly appreciate prayer for energy as we work as well as love and unity within the team. We are expecting to be able to deliver some exciting/inspiring/moving stories on our return!