Lots of preparation

Hello lovely people,

Good news! Despite a few minor roadblocks we received our work permits and health council registrations (i.e. we can now legally work in Fiji). There wasn’t much for us to tell last week as we were mainly occupied sifting through a TON of medical and dental equipment- it had been randomly packed away and was crying out to be sorted, cleaned and inventoried. Here is a peak at just some of the dental supplies, lying on the lounge floor of the Marine Reach base:

Where to start....?
Where to start….?

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Village Life

Hello dear family and friends.

We had the privilege of spending a few days last week with Ben and Kaba (two Fijian staff) at their village. Village life is slow and deliberate. The day is filled with preparing the next meal over an open fire, tending to the animals and sitting about sipping tea while catching up with the neighbours. Fijian culture is  to share time and possessions freely, and we were made to feel very welcome whilst blundering our way through customs and cultural etiquette.

A typical village view
A typical village view

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Aching rears

Just a quick post to say we’ve landed safely in Fiji after spending much longer than is humanly healthy sitting in aeroplane seats. Thankfully we have today and tomorrow to get our bearings before things get going. Now to face the jet lag…

Chapter One

Well, here goes… Heading off to the airport for a day and a half of travelling.  I’m sure we’ll look fresh on the other side! Thanks to everyone who has supported us in getting us this far and we hope to hear some comments from you along the way.

We’ll try to post fairly regularly, depending on busyness and internet accessibility!